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Reageer op: Searching for an interim P2P/AP manager of an multinational in Amsterdam. There are many changes going on and the team consists of 20 people with 3 direct reports. Starting ASAP!

Verwachte opdrachtduur: 4 months with possible extension

Plaats/regio: Amsterdam/Home

Profiel van het bedrijf: The organization is located in Amsterdam but everyone works from home for at least another half year

Profiel van de opdracht: A strong manager is needed with relevant AP knowledge. The team is experiencing some trouble with people leaving due to reorganization and challenges with current management. Therefore there is a backlog which needs to be taken care of. Furthermore managing the team remote is important and experience with that is required

Profiel van de manager: The interim manager should be a good motivator. Get the team running again, follow up with them, improve the processes where possible, help with automation, talk with the commercial teams and get rid of the backlog

Opmerkingen: Hourly rate can should be between 80and 100 euro depending on experience. Concerning systems: SAP, Blackline and other P2P tooling.

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